Tragedy of a man (The story of jeff)

Description, This story is set back in 2008 and is a very hallarious and funny but sad story, some parts of the story are extremily funny and strange and some are a bit sad and emotional, i hope you enjoy

Story: Jeff is a 58 year old single abouriginal man who lives by himself in Ocean Shores, New south wales that goes to a respite house in Pottsvile and his reason is because he has a condition where a tomato is sprouting on the inside of his right knee, he has gone to hospitals to get x rays and he also does public speaking about it and a lot of people say its a very strange and rare condition and that he is not just the first person to go through that situation, sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night with excruciating knee pain and because of that he has to take medication to numb the knee pain, Jeff has been going to the respite house for over 4 years now, his favourite activitys are riding bikes, fishing, cooking and swimming but unfortunatly jeff cant swim because of the tomato condition he has, this sometimes effects him emotionally because he loves swimming and its been about 6 years since he last stepped into the pool or the ocean, these days Jeff sits at home and watches tv because he cant do much because of the condition he has,

One day jeff went to the respite house and made pizza for the clients. Jeff is really good at cooking and has been doing it for about 30 years. Sometimes the clients ask about the condition he has and how it effects him,

when jeff is at home, he has somebody check up on him and do the shopping for him because he cant drive or go anywhere with the way he is living, he can move around a little bit only if its around the house or down the street, but he cant really walk any further than that, sometimes Jeff spends all day in bed doing nothing but stare at the wall, he is hoping to go through a special surgery so he can go outside and enjoy himself again, theirs also somedays his knee is not sore at all and some days where it feels like death, sometimes he goes on facebook and gets negative comments and has people make fun of the way he is and sometimes calling him names like “Tomato man” Weirdo” ”Alien” or “Fictional character” he doesnt take it very seriously as he finds this quiet expected especially the way he is,

A week later Jeff is at the doctors office trying to arange a tomato removal opperation so he can get a potential chance to enjoy himself again, he also claimed that one day he woke up and he couldnt get out of bed because he was having a very hard time moving his legs, he found it quiet frightening, painful and concerning plus he was trying to get to the bathroom to go to the toilet but he couldnt get out of bed and he had to call his support worker to come and help him, Jeff spent about 30 minutes waiting in the doctors surgery for the doctor to come back and the doctor came back and said “We have some great news, a surgery has been booked for the 18th of july witch is next week” Jeff sighed with relief and happily went home that day, after that day Jeffs leg was starting to hurt a lot where he couldnt move much and was pretty much bedridden for that week, he had to have support workers stay over at his house, then he came back to the respite house for a dinner one night in a wheelchair that somebody lent him till he gets his knee surgery that he desperatly needs, and one of the support workers nicely warned the clients to be cautious of what they ask about his condition because it might offend him and they all politely agreed, it was a great night that night especially because his surgery was happening the following morning, that night his support worker recorded him on a video with his support worker sitting beside him on a stairway made out of bricks and he spoke into the camera and said “My names jeff, and i have a tomato sprouting in my knee” this video became an ad for the respite house on TV channels in australia, this also became viral and attracted social attention where people started interviewing him on the streets and saying “Hey look, its that weird guy from that client house advert” people started getting in his personal space and calling him stuff like “Sprouter” “Tomato grower” “Tomato man” and “Weirdo” this happened after his surgery,

Besides that Jeff could now walk and enjoy daily activitys and was free from his condition, he decided to go for a swim at the beach and go fishing, and he also made plans to come down and see his family down at the central coast of NSW at christmas time,

One day he was cleaning his house and organising it and then later on during the day his knee started feeling funny and he shrugged it off as it was probably the result from the surgery, then he later discovered that his knee has swollen up, so Jeff panics and goes to the doctors to see is its anything major, and he gets to the doctors surgery and the doctor said “Unfortunatly you have knee related cancer, this is because the tomato seed that planted in your knee spread poison into it, unfortunatly their is nothing we can do about it and you have only about a week to live or even that, after that he suffered aches and pains and felt like death, he spent most of the days on the couch watching tv and drinking warm fluids to numb his pain, he got to watch a funny tv episode just before his time went, it really made him laugh and put a smile on his face, a few days before his death he appeared at the respite house for a get together day on a wheelchair looking pail and painful, his face looked all cringy and depressed and weak but throughout the day he did smile and laugh quiet a lot, but he could no longer talk, he also laughed and had jokes with the other clients who also were in wheelchairs too, he also stayed for dinner on that same day and his support workers had to feed him by putting the fork near his mouth and feeding him the lamb meal that they were having, the next day he is lying on a bed at the respite house with the support workers supporting him because he is very sick and one of the support workers cooked him a nice breakfast, unfortunatly he died later that day and a lot of the clients were sad about it, but they knew he was going to be in a better place, that night the clients watched a tape on tv about his life, a week later they went to his funeral down in Sydney and over 100 people went witch were apart of his family and one funny thing that happened at the funeral is that somebody played a prank on the guys that run the funeral home by putting a lobster on his office chair and he laughed, and people had a nice lunch at the funeral and it was a good funeral and even though it was a very sad day for the clients and Jeffs family their was some happy and fun times too, and one of the clients went back to the client house a week later and their was also a lobster prank where somebody went to bed one night and it was in their bed and they freaked out and they were on video plus the lobster this time was a living one,

Jeff (1949-2008), The end

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