A boy named Corey 


Description: Corey is year 11 seniour
that goes to a school in Evans Head and
has high autism and has a crush on a girl
named Sarah)

One morning the bus arrived at school
and corey got off the bus to go to his
classroom to hang up his bag.

Due to Coreys high autism and learning,
he stays in a special ed class for people
who have learning problems and
disabilitys and other issues.

At the moment Corey has a crush on a
girl in the same year as him by the name
of Sarah.
So after Corey hung up his bag he
approached sarah creepily and said
“Hey Beautiful, i like your hair” Sarah
said “ummmmm thanks”
feeling pressured and uncomfortable,
and all of her other friends laughed at
him and said
“Hey, do you have a crush on Sarah?”
Corey said out loud excitingly
“No i dont, but i do like her”
Then sarahs friend said

“Sorry shes taken”
and they all started laughing and then
the bell rang, then walked into class with
a sad look on his face.
When he entered the classroom he sat
down on a floor in the corner of an empty
part of the room and started crying.
Then teacher Mrs Karlee said
“Just ignore him, i know what he’s upset
about, he’s fancying a girl at school that
he shouldnt be because she is way too
young for him,
and one of the other students asked the
“If he has been chatting to other girls in
the school that are innapropriate for his
age group, can he get into trouble?,
and the teacher said”
If we find out that he has been talking to
a young female and we think its
harassment then yes he will be”

when Corey heard this it just made him
more upset that he got angry and
stormed out of the classroom and the
teacher said loudly “Corey get back in
here” and corey ran off to the other side
of the corridor.
and started screaming to the top of his
lungs and meanwhile in the other year 9
class Sarah and his friends heard it and
Sarahs friends said “that sounds like
Corey, whats he going off for” and
sarahs other friends said “Probably
because of you Sarah”

, Sarah started
feeling unsafe and anxious in class due
to Coreys reactions about her, then
meanwhile during Coreys tantrum, he
went as far as screaming sarahs name
out loud in the middle of the corridor,
Teachers and other people and students
at the school heard all this even from
their rooms even inside the support unit
where a teacher said to the teachers aid,
“If this gets out of control, i think we

should call the police or something” than
eventually corey calmed down and
exhausted himself that he got to the
point that he fell asleep on the corridor
floor. Then suddenly Coreys wakes up
in Mrs Karlees class and Corey says”
Why am i in here” Then Mrs Karlee got
stern and grumpy and said “that
behaviour was downright unacceptable,
you are not to yell in the corridors, ever,
and you are not to approach sarah full

” Corey said “I need to tell her
something” Mrs Karlee said “No, no
means no” Corey said but then again
Mrs Karlee said “No, no means no” then
corey yelled out loud to the whole class
and said “Screw all of yous, get out of
here, pick your selves up and go see
someone that can handle your disabilites
then Mrs Karlee can”

, Mrs Karlee said to
Corey angrily “How dare you, go outside
now” then corey ran off and ran to his
male teacher Mr Kemblington and yelled

“I hate Mrs karlee and he threw his time
out chair he brought at home, across the
corridor and it broke into pieces, Then Mr
Kemblington raised his voice and said
“Right, this behaviour is totally out of
wack, sit on the ground and calm down,
now!” and then Corey calmed down and
Mr kemblington said “Now, this
unnacceptable behaviour will just make
other people not want to be around you,
and you dont want that” and Corey
started crying and said “Yeah”Mr
Kemblington said “Now what has got you
so upset” Corey said “Mr Karlee wont let
me talk to his sarah” and he wimpered
and cried more and mr Kemblington said
“Now we spoke about this last week, i
said it wasnt appropriate to approach her
especially the ways you approach her”
and corey said yeah and started
brightening up a bit, Mr Kemblington said
“Now pick up the broken chair and put all
the broken bits into the bin” and he did,

and then he came into class mr Mr
Kemblington and settled down and
played on the computer and studied his
driving test and got it right 5 times the
first period, then the bell rang for second
period and Mr Kemblington said to Corey
“It might be better if you stay in class for
recess and just chill out, then go out at
lunch” and Corey agreed to that and he
chilled out period 2 in the classroom then
the bell rang for recess and he asked Mr
Kemblington “Can i check my phone”
and Mr Kemblington said thats ok,
Corey is going onto messenger to check
if Sarah has not blocked him, because
Corey is going to message her when she
gets home, so Corey checked sarahs
account and suddenly corey go onto her
messenger and her profile had a blank
female sillhoute on it and the chat box
said this person is unavailable with a
message he previously sent the day
before. Then Corey got anxious and

unhappy and said to Mr Kemblington “I
need to go outside for just a minute” Mr
Kemblington said “No, you need some
time alone, but at lunch you can”

, Corey

said “Please just for a minute” Mr
Kemblington said “No, you promised you
would stay in here for recess,

” Then
corey started getting angry and saying”

” Mr Kemblington said
“No”. Then Corey got loud and worked
up over it saying stuff like “Why did she
do this to me”
“My weekend is ruined!”

and he also screeched “Noooooo!’’

, then
he calmed down but he was down and
he went into the corner of the classroom
again and started crying. Then Mr
Kemblington went up to Corey and said
“Now corey. All of a sudden you keep
getting really upset. Whys that do you
think?.” Corey said “Because Mrs Karlee
is a Bitch”. Mr Kemblington said calmly
and quietly “Don’t call her that, we don’t
ever call our teachers names” then Mrs

Karlee came out of her classroom and
went to room 2 and said sternly and
grumpily “I heard that, how dare you,
come outside with me” Corey said

, Then mrs Karlee said “Now!”
then Corey walked with Mrs Karlee
outside crying and squeeking and Mrs
Karlee said “How dare you call me the B
word, that behaviour is downright
disgusting, this is not on full stop, I think
you deserve a consequence from me
and your mom when you get home”
Then corey said “You cant tell me what
to do, this is not your home” Mrs Karlee
said “I beg your pardon, I have a right to
do that you know, so don’t tell me what
to do, and you are not seeing sarah at
lunch” Then Corey screamed
“Nooooooo” then Mrs Karlee said “Could
you please keep your voice down, we
don’t ever scream in the corridors”

, then
Mrs Karlee said “Now you can go back
into Mr Kemblingtons class, but you are

not to go near sarah full stop”

, and Corey
stormed off said ok and he went up to Mr
Kemblington and said panicky “Mrs
Karlee keeps telling me to not see sarah
full stop, im sick of her controlling me” Mr
Kemblington said “She is only telling you
that for your own safety, she would never
tell you to purpously upset you, But if you
want to see sarah you can but…. Their
may be consequences from Mrs Karlee
so if you want to take that risk you can,
but if I was you I wouldn’t”. Then it was
period 4 and Corey said to Mr
Kemblington “On the weekend I was
thinking about going to a ring shop and
buying an engagement ring for Sarah,

Mr Kemblington said “Why would you
want to do that, she isnt your girlfriend,
that was be really strange if you did”
Corey said,

“No it wouldn’t, then I can
propose to her at school and ask her to
marry me”

, Mr Kemblington said” that
would be a very innapropriate thing to

do, imagine how uncomfortable and
scared you would make that student feel,
plus your too young to be married and
you don’t have a job”

, And the teachers
aids laughed and said “Mr kemblington,
don’t ever say that” Mr Kemblington said
“Nah I was only joking” and he laughed
with the teachers aids, then the lunch
bell rang and Corey walked off out of the
classroom with his bag to find Sarah and
he hurried off to her group and he finally
arrived at her group and said finally i
have arrived. Then the girls in sarahs
group gave Corey a disgusted and
concerned look, but Corey ignored the
fact that Sarahs group didn’t want him
their so he proceeded to walk down to
Sarah’s group unwelcomed and he went
up to sarah and said “Hello Sarah, nice
to see your pretty face”

, Sarah ignored
Corey and Sarahs friend said to Corey
angrily “Could you please go away and
don’t say that to my poor friend”

, and

Sarah started crying while her face was
resting on her elbows. Corey said “I am
not going away, I want her to walk me to
class” Sarahs friend said “That’s gross,
we are telling Mrs Karlee, and they
walked off without Sarah and sarah is
just sitting their face down to the table
crying on her elbows. Then Corey sat
down besides Sarah and said “Its okay”
and laid his hand on her shoulder and as
he did that he started crying because he
knew his teacher Mrs Karlee would get
up him for what he did, when he stopped
crying he said,

“Mrs karlee is going to get
up me, its not my fault though, she is just
mean, and Sarah said as she was crying
on her elbows “no she’s not”

, and Corey

then said “she is, and look, I’m not
meaning to be creepy, but you are
actually a nice girl to be with, and I don’t
want anything to happen to you” then
sarah said as she was still crying on her
elbows “I have a boyfriend, and you are

ruining me and his relationship by what
your doing”

, you send emails to my

school account saying things like, where
you at?, what are you doing, and you just
keep going”

, then sarah started crying
and sobbing to the point she started
squeeking, then corey said “Don’t feel
sad, look, I know I get too much
sometimes, but I am learning how to not
do it, and you have also made it better
for me too” then Sarah walked off crying
constantly that she was squeeky and her
face looked red and puffy with tears
running down her face, and then Corey
started crying on the table all alone,
corey spent most of lunch crying alone
on the table. When the bell rang for the
last two periods of the day instead of
showing up to class he spent half of the
lesson crying alone at the lunch table
that Sarah and her friends were sitting
at, then 20 minutes later Mrs Karlee said
sternly and angrily “come with me, I need

to talk to you”

, then Corey walked with
Mrs Karlee up to class and when they
got to class, Corey took a seat at a table
in Mrs Karlees class and she said “Right,
this is what is going to happen, you are
not to ever approach Sarah full stop, I
cant believe how uncomfortable and
scared you made her and her friends
feel, this behaviour can also get you into
trouble, not just by me but the police can
go after you for that, so you are not to
ever approach Sarah and that’s final”
you are spending the last two periods in
my classroom, and you are not two talk,
or play computer, and plus your not
getting the computer when you get home
either, I have told your mom about this
and she agreed to that, so no means no”
then Corey yelled you f…… ….. you cant
do this to me, and he ran off and
punched the wall really hard that he
cracked his knuckle and he fell onto the
floor crying and moving around on his

back and Mr Kemblington said sternly
“This behaviour is becoming really
unnaceptable, this needs to stop, now
tell me what has gotten you so upset,
“Corey said, Mrs karlee has told my mom
to not let me on the computer when I get
home” Mr Kemblington said “well I cant
do anything about that, it would only be
for one day though” Corey said “When I
get home, im going to the computer no
matter what my mom says” then Mr
kemblington said “then you would get
into more trouble”

, then Corey went to Mr
Kemblingtons class and then Mrs Karlee
came in and said “Mr kemblington he is
staying with me for these two periods, he
is not to use the computer and he is to
remain quiet for the whole time”

, then he
did and the bell rang and it was home
time and then Mr Kemblington got onto
the bus and came home and his mom
said “Hey Corey, I heard about what
happened today, this behaviour is not

right and not to mention that Mrs Karlee
had a good talk to me and you are not to
go onto the computer till tomorrow
morning” Corey then said “That is none
of Mrs Karlees Business, she is a total
bitch and she cant control what I do

, and Coreys mom said “Don’t talk
about your teacher like that, if she has
told me to give you a consequence, she
has a right to do that” and corey said
“well im going on the computer no matter
what, she needs to stop telling me what
to do, and by the way she always does
this to me at school” and Coreys mom
said “Are you telling the truth or are you
just saying that because you’re angry,
because if I catch you lying, you will be
in really big trouble my friend” and Corey
said “Im not lying, she always tells me
what to do, she always threatens to give
me home consequences” and coreys
mom said “ok, then I will be having a
really good talk with her about it on

Monday, Corey said to his mom “May I
use the computer” Coreys mom said
“Not until you unpack your bag and
everything, and then after that you can”
and then corey unpacked his bag and
went onto his computer. What will
happen Next?….

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