Liz (Warning very funny, some parts of the story might gross you out)

Liz is a 49 year old married woman who lives in Seventeen Seventy Queensland, she was born on the 29th of October 1969 in Charters Towers, Queensland and moved down to Seventeen Seventy as a young child.

She attended Agnes Water State School at the age of 5 in 1974 and became a good success in cooking class and won more than 10 cooking class awards throughout primary school. After graduating from Agnes Water State School she attended Tannum Sands State high school in 1982 at the age of 13. During her high school years she was able to improve her cooking abilities by adding textures and flavours to all sorts of different foods. After 1988 when she graduated from school her point of view in cooking became entirely different, she began adding unusual flavours to different types of foods and using techniques such as watering down curries and mushing them up and making them more sloppier. She also added eggs, peanut butter and milk to pancake ingredients witch made them more thinner and sloppier. After that she took an interest by making egg milkshakes by juicing up the eggs into a blender and adding milk and ice cream to it, shortly after that she ran a cafe in Agnes water called Antique Foods. She came up with the idea of Antique Foods when she fully improved her cooking skills. In 2012 the cafe was first called Liz’s Antique Habits where she served healthy but disgusting meals such as Peanut paste and a tomato salad sandwich (Not to mention i actually tried that during lunch break at school last week), she made an apple made out of peanut paste with nuts and tomato’s, and made a peanut paste and vegemite curry and added tuna to it, she also sells tuna juice that has bits of fish floating down the bottom, in 2016 her cafe was renamed Antique Foods from Liz’s Antique Habits after she got married to a professional pizza chef in June 2015, she started making Blungs in smoothies ( if your wondering what blungs mean, its a made up word i created that describes all the big lumpy and sloppy bits for example from Bananas, Apples and other fruits that you find in your smoothies, they are quiet disgusting to swallow), she also started making fat blobby and inflated green and minty pancakes with plums, by the way from this day Antique foods is not getting enough customers and the people who usually come are the ones that are used to eating gross things, she might just get 4 or 5 customers pop in a day and only comes home with about 30 to 100 dollars to add in her wallet witch is a shame for her. The end

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