The man and the boy (Fictional story)

The man and the boy went walking Outside of Dalby Queensland, and their was a trail in the canefields that are just outside dalby on the western side and they went walking at night and saw a weird disformed moose looking head that was mooing and it was just enjoying the night life and walking through the cane. The Man thought it was unbelievable and the boy thought it was a bit creepy and strange but he went up to it and gave it a pat and the creature was friendly and letted the boy pat it. Then the Boy and the man kept walking and they saw an abandened wooden house on top of a small hill that resembled Conical Hill near Wandoan and Taroom in Queensland. And they walked up the hill and the house door was unlocked and they went inside and it was dark and had no lights and a torched was shined through and their was lots of gold and bracelets, jewelry inside and the man and the boy were happy the end.


The Weird disformed moose creature was called the Yak. It lurks around areas around Chinchilla and Dalby and has a condition called Lurks Disease. Its friendly and lets people pat it but it only appears at night.


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