Two people drove home from Rockhampton one afternoon and got back home late at night

Two people had an RV a full packed RV and a long way home. They left Kangaroo parks caravan park at dusk (Perfect time for Kangaroos), They drove through Westwood way so they could avoid driving up the Rockhampton range to go through Mount Morgan. After passing Westwood they turned off to burnett highway and went through Dululu and passed the rest stop that had lights on with big bugs buzzing around them making heaps of noise. After Dululu they were on their way through Biloela (Pronounced Bil-o-weeil-a), after driving through Biloela they went up a winding road that was located on a hill and the car drove into the dark dead bushes where kangaroos are known to jump out in front suddenly. and they saw a few kangaroos jumping in front of their cars and one was jumping with a lollipop in its mouth and its ears looked long white and flappy. The driver was a bit weirded out by the kangaroos appearance but the boy in the car thought its appearance was hallarious and creepy at the same time. Then next small town they drove through was monto and it was nighttime and the street lights lit up the town. and then they drove through Mulgildie and most of the village was dark and shops were shut down for the night. Next town was Eidsvold and they stopped their for dinner and had a nice meal. Then they left Eidsvold after dinner and drove through Gayndah and then they went down a big hill and saw the moon and a few mountain shadows in the distance. The boy knew that on the way up to Rockhampton he saw a small volanic looking mountain that was around Biggenden Area that looked like a yellow hill and he couldnt see it witch was a bit dissapointing for him. and they drove past Kilkivan and headed to gympie and they stopped their for fuel and a cup of tea because the guy was feeling a bit sleepy and didnt want to end up in an accident. So they drove down the coast and then after a 4 hours back the boy was fast asleep like a log in the car and the guy woke up the boy and they went to bed late that night.

Short Meaning Behind the Kangaroo

The Kangaroo is named Moco and has a condition called Flames Disease (Fictional) where his face was a bit out of shape and his ears were long and he could be sick and maybe dying. The kangaroo inhabits areas around Biloela and Dululu

Image of Moco the Kangaroo

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