The Story of Jake and Jim

Jake and Jim lived in Taroom, A town near Theodore and Miles and Queensland. 462 KM to Brisbane. 1103 KM to Sydney. Jake and Jim lived in a small wooden house located on a farm outside Taroom. One afternoon Jake and Jim went out gallavanting in the woods outside Taroom and when they went into the woods their was birds frogs and kangaroos. They spotted a weird creature that resembled a Sloth Bear and it was big and white and it walked into the dead forest Jake and Jim thought it looked interesting and they kept walking. They stumbled across a creek that looked as wide as a river that looked peaceful surrounded by bird sounds and a big log was in the middle of the creek. They looked at the river and they saw frogs sitting on the dead log and flys and bugs and a Goanna lizard they kept walking and walked on a little bridge and kept walking after that. Then they stopped with amazement and saw a white pointy little rock formation in the woods and it had ants on it. They kept walking and saw an old cabin with graffiti on a little rock cliff. Then they walked up a big dry hill and when the got up on top of the hill they saw the township of Taroom lit up during sunset. Then when they kept walking they realized that they were walking towards a rocky formation hill thingy that had a small waterfall. Then they went through the woods again and it looked dark and misty and they was a big stack of moss near a tree that looked like a frog face. and then they saw the Kenmore Kangaroo jump into the bushes and it appeared to be a ghost and Jake and Jim thought it was beautiful. Then they walked along a big big bridge over a river that lead to the rocky hill. Then they saw a hook like figure hovering and passing in front of them and they thought it was a bit strange. By the time they got up the hill it was night and everything was dark and the town was seen with all the lights.


The Hook Hovering Figure

The hook Hovering Figure was a ghost that was unhuman and was a random hook shape and it appears from nowhere. it has been seen near Queensland towns like Theodore. Biloela. Gayndah. Goomeri and Dingo.

Image of the hook

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