The Story of Soo Gorilla

Sooo Gorilla is a male gorilla who hangs inside different shoe shops around the central coast of New South Wales near Sydney, he likes going around and asking people and the employees in the shoe shops to smell his breath, Most of the time people refuse Sooo Gorillas request because they could very possibly be grossed out from smelling his breath so the best solution is for the people in the shoe shops is to keep away from Sooo Gorilla or to say no if asked to smell his breath, How Sooo Gorilla gets people to smell his breath he sometimes approaches people in the shoe shops and opens his mouth to attempt to breath in their face or he just simply asks people to smell his breath, When Sooo Gorilla gets a negative response he moves on to the next person by asking to get his breath smelt, When the shoe shops close at night he hangs out in bushes till the next morning, He has a diet of leaves but eats the occasional raw broccoli